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How To Increase Conversion Rate To 100% Result Oriented Blog For Marketers

I have been into online business for a lot of time and I have seen different approaches followed by Online Marketers all around the globe and all of those direct to one single GOAL i.e  Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales! You must have tried various options to grab the leads and that's so cool. I know you have tried all from landing page optimization, affiliate marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, free giveaways campaigns, email marketing and what not. But what if I tell you that you have achieved only 30% of your business the rest 70% will turn on when you will convert even 25% of these leads into sales. What is Lead Conversion. Why Conversion is so hard. Guru mantra for increasing conversion with TWS Making someone stand by and watch you dance is easy but making them to pay isn't  So I will make things more simplified for you guys, that will make them pay!

Top 10 Online Marketing Tools For Marketers To Get Success In 2019

The holidays are over and it's time to put things back on track with more energy and enthusiasm, but before we go deep into our decided goal for year 2019, don't you think we should be aware about the tools which will help us to reach our goals. There is a list of never ending tools that you keep on looking for but not all of them will work for you.So here I am with a filtered list of Top 10 online marketing tools that will help you reach your 2019 mission. 1. SEMrush SEMrush has successfully placed itself in top tools list as its organic research, advertising research and keyword research is one of the best way to get ahead of your competition and make your own strategy to be the best. 2. Google Analytics The power of Google Analytics is known to every digital marketer and it is the best tool to know about the results of your hard work. The online platform provides you with access to different reports related to users, your pages which are doing well and which

Top 10 Best Email Marketing Tools For 2019

Top 10 Email Marketing Tools For 2019  Email Marketing is like the king of online marketing no matter what it will always have it's own importance it can change it form but it will never loose its importance as per marketers perspective. What is Email Marketing ?  An email marketing service is dedicated to send the information to the prospects and customers in an e-mail format. Basic activities in email marketing tools are the ability to create and send email campaigns to large contact lists, to design attractive emails using email templates, to create and format newsletters, and to gather details of the prospect clients. While looking into email marketing services, we precisely test all highlights including customer services, measurable and systematic instruments, and ease of use. Furthermore, client audits are likewise thought about. This detailed analysis guarantees that a far reaching rating of every single one of the services you see included here. Why

Step by Step guide for writing amazing blogs as beginners

Blogging seems very easy to people who don't write blogs, but it isn't that easy. If you are a blogger and you write blogs for some particular topics then it might be easy for you to collect content but a real blogger is the one who can write interesting blog even on a boring topic. No wonder still there are many bloggers in online industry and their number is increasing rapidly. If you also want to join the gang of bloggers and you think you have the ability to write some good content then all you need is to learn some basic tips before you start writing. I have met many new bloggers the problem they face is that they aren't aware of how to provide a structure to a blog, they have content and amazing information to share but they are not presentable, so I decided to write a blog where I will be providing you some basics of writing blogs and become a pro blogger. One can't become Bruce Lee in a day but continuous practice and determination can prepare you t

10 Secrets to rank your website at first place in google

Online marketing is very much dependent on your website ranking , when we first launched our website we were no where to be seen on google but only in a month or two we were in the top results on google search. Now there is no wonder that google algorithm keeps changing, even if you work in google you won't know how many times they change their algorithm they keep it secret! According to some of the sources they change their algorithm around 300 times in a year, almost once in a day! So now what you should do to improve your ranking in google search results. #1. Keywords are the key We all know that without a name it is impossible to look for a address, similar goes for the google the better and easier your keywords will be, the more are the chances of displaying in the search results. Don't just mix your keywords with the work you do place them nicely inside your content, title, url and description. #2. Improve your On page SEO Use Keyword ri