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Top 10 Online Marketing Trends For Online Marketers in 2018

2018 is a year of results the experiment done before will now be implemented on large scale whether it’s AI or Machine learning. Online Marketing is not just about marketing, branding or customer interactions it is about technology and hence it is getting tougher for online marketers to fight for their share of audience. When you look around everything is going online, everyone wants’ to capture the audience on Online Market. Online Market is like an ocean and you need to be a good sailor to reach at your destination. So are you ready to gear up and make your ship ready to sail in this ocean, then you are reading a perfect article. I would like to mention the Top 10 Online Marketing Trends For Online Marketers in 2018!       Video Marketing       Personalization       Chatbots       AI       Content Marketing       Social Media       Customer Feedback        EU Privacy Updates        Big Data       Mobile Marketing 1.Video Marketing Video have prove

Software Testing - Why start up and even big companies should focus on Quality

Well there are numerous Software Companies running in India and many of them have manged to survive but whenever the topic of Indian Software Companies arises there always a negative review about Indian Software Companies that they take the project in lower rates as compared to other companies running worldwide which is not even true companies running worldwide have more focus on quality rather than just finishing of project on time. The reason why I am raising this concern is that we here at  TWS  Technology  have found a solution of this problem by doing some research and market study, we have found out that most of these companies were not focusing on Quality of the Software, Yes the core development team is provided a deadline and for them providing the software on time is itself a complicated task, and many Indian IT start up have failed due to this very reason and they don't even realize this. The year 2018 is a year where Clients is ready to pay you the money for th