Software Testing - Why start up and even big companies should focus on Quality

Well there are numerous Software Companies running in India and many of them have manged to survive but whenever the topic of Indian Software Companies arises there always a negative review about Indian Software Companies that they take the project in lower rates as compared to other companies running worldwide which is not even true companies running worldwide have more focus on quality rather than just finishing of project on time.

The reason why I am raising this concern is that we here at TWS Technology have found a solution of this problem by doing some research and market study, we have found out that most of these companies were not focusing on Quality of the Software, Yes the core development team is provided a deadline and for them providing the software on time is itself a complicated task, and many Indian IT start up have failed due to this very reason and they don't even realize this.

The year 2018 is a year where Clients is ready to pay you the money for the product and for them the Quality is a big factor and hence you need someone to do this job for you the job of quality improvement parallel to development of a product so that the product can be delivered on time with best of the quality.

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles."
- Steve Jobs

The Quality Assurance team is best for it and that is the reason why we at TWS Technology have never need to worry about this factor due to the specialized software testers that we have on board we always provide the product with best of the quality and improved user experience

Impacts of Software Testing in Online Market:

1. Quality is assured:

It is important to test the product that we are going to offer to the public and by just doing basic Unit test we only cover the positive impacts and flow of the software it is like a frog in a well, the frog thinks that this well is the world but reality is different. Same is with the developer they develop code and only check the basic flow of the software they do what they see in documents and therefore a good quality assurance team is required on board which can check the software in every possible way. This involves a 360 degree overview of the product whether it is the UI that is not cool or a logical flow that a user is unable to understand all of these issues are raised by the QA's and hence the quality of the product is assured.

2.Better User Experience:

A developer may not view the same thing in the software as a problem which a user will, the reason is that may be a user is a non technical guy  and a developer will work as a techie guy which may put the User Experience in trouble which as a businessman i can't afford and I don't think that any businessman would like this fact that the user is unable to use the software in-spite of being that software as perfect on technical terms.
So it is very important to have some brilliant QA professional on board that can help in increasing a better user experience with proper technicality in the product so that everyone is even.

3. Quality can be your USP:

In this competitive world where everyone is struggling hard to get more conversion rate on their website and are not able to sell their product the Quality is a factor that will keep you apart from the crowd and will help you build your online reputation. Quality will always win over quantity when it comes to online consumers the reason why people love online business is because of it's speed and easiness and when they will get good quality too then definitely they will show more interest in you your company as well as your product.

4.Software Testing can reduce your cost:

Well yes you read that write while many people still believe that software testing is expensive I would like to correct them by saying that it saves your money now let me explain you how when a product is launched without complete testing and you customer finds a bug in it and demands for refund can you imagine that even after doing so much of hard work you will have to refund the money just because of a bug and now think what if 50% of your costumers ask for refund now keep counting the loss of your product image is different the amount of money you will have to refund will be like a stab in your back and all of this would have been avoided by just having a cool bunch of Software Testers that could have saved you and your product.

There are many other reasons that I can mention here which will tell you the importance of Software Testing in Online Business

  • You want to build an image
  • Upgrade and improve your business
  • Beat your comptitor
  • Increase confidence in your clients as well as your own product
  • Be better and unique
If you find this article useful and you are someone who is looking for establishing a business online then you are on right post visit twstechnology and get started.

I hope I have mentioned at least some of the important factors that why we need software testing I would love to hear from you guys that what do you think about this article and would like to hear your views in comment.


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