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10 Secrets to rank your website at first place in google

Online marketing is very much dependent on your website ranking , when we first launched our website we were no where to be seen on google but only in a month or two we were in the top results on google search. Now there is no wonder that google algorithm keeps changing, even if you work in google you won't know how many times they change their algorithm they keep it secret! According to some of the sources they change their algorithm around 300 times in a year, almost once in a day! So now what you should do to improve your ranking in google search results. #1. Keywords are the key We all know that without a name it is impossible to look for a address, similar goes for the google the better and easier your keywords will be, the more are the chances of displaying in the search results. Don't just mix your keywords with the work you do place them nicely inside your content, title, url and description. #2. Improve your On page SEO Use Keyword ri

Basic concepts of SEO for beginners

If you came to this article after reading that title I assume you are a beginner to SEO, well there are many blogs that provide beginners guide for SEO where they explain about how it works, why is it important and what tools to use and stuff like that, but if you are beginner don't you think that first you should be aware of the the terminologies being used in SEO. SEO is like a magic wand for many online businesses, it doesn't matter whether you are a new blogger or you run a website you need SEO. It is like fuel to vehicles your vehicle needs fuel to run and your website needs good SEO, so that more and more people get to know about you. So before you fill this fuel in vehicle you should be aware about it's elements, and that's why I thought to share a article where I will be mentioning only about the terminologies just that. You can assume it as reading alphabets before writing sentences and stories.