10 Secrets to rank your website at first place in google

Online marketing is very much dependent on your website ranking , when we first launched our website we were no where to be seen on google but only in a month or two we were in the top results on google search.

Now there is no wonder that google algorithm keeps changing, even if you work in google you won't know how many times they change their algorithm they keep it secret!

According to some of the sources they change their algorithm around 300 times in a year, almost once in a day!

So now what you should do to improve your ranking in google search results.

#1. Keywords are the key
We all know that without a name it is impossible to look for a address, similar goes for the google the better and easier your keywords will be, the more are the chances of displaying in the search results.

Don't just mix your keywords with the work you do place them nicely inside your content, title, url and description.

#2. Improve your On page SEO
Use Keyword rich title, try to use unique and focused keyword in your title.

This way not only you can cover a wide range of keywords the chances of repeating the same keywords will be reduced.

Adding few links like internal as well as external links will be very useful, how to improve link building like a pro!

Style your meta description it is the first few lines your reader is gonna read about your product try to make it simple as well as eye catchy.

#3. Try using Long tail keyword technique
Long tail keyword are mostly entered by the user those who are looking for a well defined set of work.
This is a salvage technique for your website a user will enter a keyword like " Shirt for men around the age of 40-45 " or "A cellphone with 3 GB ram and at least 64 GB hard disk space under 15000 rupees"

Long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they focus on a more specific product.Source 

#4. Loading speed of your website.
You have implemented all above mentioned suggestions but your site is taking to long to load then all your efforts will be lost.

A fast website is always preferred by google, google will always try to show the best thing in it's search results.

Look here for some great online tools that can tell you how to improve speed of website.

#5. Mobile friendly
Nobody installs an app to read a blog but still blogs are the king of information sharing.

We all prefer using our cell phone for a search instead of opening our laptop and then doing the search, so if your website is more mobile friendly then chances are that you will be preferred in searches related to you.

#6. Use your header tags wisely
Heading are important for the user and the secret is that google also love headings.

Google prefers the keyword that are available in your headings so try to use best keyword in your H2, H3 headings.

Implementing proper use of headings will help to improve your keyword search up to a great level.

#7. Content is the queen 
Your content should be fresh it should not be copied from somewhere else try to use your own words to explain your products or information.

Everyone is a beginner someday so when you write content for your website or hire someone to do that make sure that the content is fresh, original , relevant and precise.

If the length of your content is good then the reader will have no issue in spending time on your site which is also an added advantage of having good content.

Interested in knowing some of the secrets of how to create good content.

#8. Video is interesting
We all love watching videos even more than normal information in text.

The videos provide an easy understanding of your information it is easiest way of conveying your message.

Video vs text

#9. Local SEO technique 
SEO is not only about getting a good rank on google and is also not helpful if you are unknown to your local market.
You need to be known to your local market it creates a brand of your name and it also influences word of mouth marketing.
Hence comes the Local SEO for you all!
What is it?
Local SEO is a technique by which you can attract customer of your local market.

Targeting the local market has been of great value to many businesses providing a good branding of their business and product.

#10. Use your Social Network
Social networks can help you to get some visitors on your website directly and sharing your valuable content on social networks also help your ranking.

Share your blogs and various news related to your product and redirect them to your website.
The more the visitors the better will be the ranking.

Last but not the least, a free advice 

Try to get more and more reviews for your websites, getting reviews can also be a good way to tell google that your are doing good work. Websites with good reviews are liked by google and google keep them in top searches.

Well these are the techniques that really work, we have studied that implementing even few of these activities can bring improvement in your website ranking and trying all of them will land you at first place in a very short time.

Hope this article is helpful to you, comment below and share your feedback!


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