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How To Increase Conversion Rate To 100% Result Oriented Blog For Marketers

I have been into online business for a lot of time and I have seen different approaches followed by Online Marketers all around the globe and all of those direct to one single GOAL i.e  Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales! You must have tried various options to grab the leads and that's so cool. I know you have tried all from landing page optimization, affiliate marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, free giveaways campaigns, email marketing and what not. But what if I tell you that you have achieved only 30% of your business the rest 70% will turn on when you will convert even 25% of these leads into sales. What is Lead Conversion. Why Conversion is so hard. Guru mantra for increasing conversion with TWS Making someone stand by and watch you dance is easy but making them to pay isn't  So I will make things more simplified for you guys, that will make them pay!