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I have been into online business for a lot of time and I have seen different approaches followed by Online Marketers all around the globe and all of those direct to one single GOAL i.e Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales!Sales!

You must have tried various options to grab the leads and that's so cool. I know you have tried all from landing page optimization, affiliate marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, free giveaways campaigns, email marketing and what not.

But what if I tell you that you have achieved only 30% of your business the rest 70% will turn on when you will convert even 25% of these leads into sales.

  • What is Lead Conversion.
  • Why Conversion is so hard.
  • Guru mantra for increasing conversion with TWS

Making someone stand by and watch you dance is easy but making them to pay isn't 

So I will make things more simplified for you guys, that will make them pay!

I will write down the basic and best ways of converting leads.

What is Lead Conversion?

Lead conversion is the process of turning a lead into an opportunity/deal, converting prospects into customers. Usually leads are generated from marketing inbound or outbound activities.

For example when someone who is interested in your product or service has taken your desired action on a landing page or has given you some type of information – email address, phone number etc. 

Lead conversion rate is the percentage of leads that became customers.

Why Converting the leads into customers a difficult thing?
  • Per Marketo, only 25% of leads ready to buy from you.
  • 79% will never convert if they aren’t nurtured after the fact.
  • 1/4 of leads are qualified, meaning approximately 75% aren’t your ideal customer.

Conversion starts from conversation and if your conversation is not interesting the chances of conversion will also stay low.

The trick here is that you need to share all the information with your prospect and while keeping there interest alive.

Everyone is selling in the market someone is selling for profit and someone is selling for survival so a good quotation and exciting offers may give a lead for today but to retain that lead you need to provide excellent service.

Innovating new ideas is where you are lacking providing offers and coupons are now an old and dull strategy why?
I''ll tell you why???

Suppose you are trying to grab leads for purchasing your study material with which you are also providing free test you thought you have done everything from your side but what if I am not interested in studying.......the deal is over!!!!

Now these kind of circumstances keep coming our way in day to day business life and we take them as an experience but what if i'll tell you, that you don't need to do mistakes and learn from it you can learn from mistakes done by others!!!

So I have extracted numerous strategies applied them practically and out of those all, I would like to share the best number of strategies that you can applied and earn some cash.

Ways by which you can increase your conversion rate.

Don't Just Sell But Share

Most of the time I have seen sell guys that they all just want to convert their leads and change them into numbers

It is not how it works in today's environment, your sell guy needs to create a relationship with the customer by pitching the details in a story form instead of blabbering it as a machine.

Human need emotional touch to everything and as per Gerard Zaltman, the author of How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market found that 95% of cognition happens outside of our conscious brain and inside our subconscious, emotional brain.

Telling a story will help you to make a better bond with the customers.

Keep it Simple and Understandable

If your prospect is shown some interest in you and your product or services there is definitely something he/she wants from you, now its your responsibility to achieve their expectation by giving them simple and yet effective solution

You must have heard about the line "If you can't convince them confuse them"
That thing is pure bullshit business doesn't work like that and if you can't convince them then you will lose them.

Many organizations have understood this approach and they have started creating pricing policies as per the consumer needs instead of providing them a pre-planned pricing of the product they are now more flexible and easy to proceed.

Our mind always want to opt the easiest option to achieve results. It is no surprise that Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People became a multi-million dollar bestseller. It mention the easiest way to become a highly effective person.

Train your people to win and not just to survive

All organizations may not have a sales team but all great organizations always have their people ready to sell I guess you all have watched the movie " Wolf of the wall street" and if you haven't then you should do it today.

I am not promoting the movie or the actor but if you will see the movie you will get to know that a great sales team that always try to win they make their organizations proud.

Training your sales team include their presentation to their approaching they should be well prepared before and after they approach the prospects, they are the face and voice of your organization.

No matter how good the online world has become you still need to make calls and give them assurance all big deals are done by face to face or on phone they are never done on emails.

 Content and takeaways should be great

RedBull has used their content in a way that it made red-bull more eye catchy instead of showing about just drink, they emphasized more on the after effect of red-bull "that give you wings" also the cartoon used in videos made it more interesting to watch the advertisement.

Content is the queen and if your content is made according to your product profile then your work become more easier.

Act fast or stay last

There are million prospects in the world and they are just waiting for your call one good phone conversation will provide you great results so call as fast as you can because there are other who are calling them too.

  • Around 60 % of leads end up selecting the company that reaches out first. 
  • New leads are 100 times more responsive if it is reached out in 5 minutes rather than 30 minutes or a day.
The reason why acting fast is important is that it will help you to grab lead and then work on the other lead by this your efficiency will increase.

Don't Waste Your Time

We all know how customers behave while receiving offers and calls most of them aren't interested so you need to decide a peak point after which you will stop calling them again and wasting your time.
So once they reach the peak point remove them from your list.

Now focus on your new target market.
  • Create A Segment
  • Target Your Market
  • Positioning

Making 100 Calls to those who aren't of your target area will only waste your time instead call those 10 who belongs to your target market this improves conversion rate.

Cool Website with good FAQ's and help

Nobody is a born genius everybody watch and learn new things and if you have a great website that can interact with the customer that will be amazing using of bots is another big thing in online marketing.

People coming on your website have a reason to visit it so make that count, make them realize that how cool you are and you are the best person they were looking for.

Now if you need any help to organize a website that is so cool and you want to expand your business get leads want's them to convert into sales we have all the answers for you visit TWS.


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